We are looking for law students and practicing lawyers with a strong balance of academic credentials and interpersonal skills, including competitive law school experiences and practice area or past career experience.

We often recruit law students on campus in the fall, and we accept applications from practicing attorneys and judicial law clerks throughout the year. We make every effort to make hiring decisions promptly after final interviews, and we reimburse travel expenses for callbacks and full interviews.

We often employ law students to work as law clerks during the summer months and on a project-by-project basis throughout the year. Our law clerks work with our attorneys on a variety of business and litigation matters and typically experience a wide diversity of legal matters. We are particularly interested in hiring law clerks with an interest in practicing law and living within the Eastern Iowa area. Our law clerk program is designed to provide rewarding experiences for our clerks and serve as an associate recruiting opportunity for the firm.

We conduct an orientation program for all new associates, laterals, and clerks to address handling of assignments, timekeeping, evaluations, use of technology, and business development. Each new associate has an adviser to assist the associate in becoming a productive contributor, review assignments from other lawyers, and provide guidance as the associate encounters new challenges from day to day.

The firm offers compensation that is competitive with other firms of comparable size and stature in our region. In addition, full-time associates have opportunities for incentive bonuses based on production and new client attraction. Our benefits package is explained at Benefits.

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